A Voice In the Wilderness

I am not a writer. For most of my life, I have enthusiastically been a READER, of anything and everything. The experiences we have (especially when we “live deliberately,” as Thoreau said, not just passively allowing life to happen to us) are made so much better through being a deep reader. The great things in experience are often found in the stuff you don’t realize at first, and if you aren’t paying attention, you might miss them entirely. Also, in reading other people, whether in books or in the words they speak from across the dinner table, we get a better perspective: things we thought for sure seem less sure, and things we never knew were great suddenly appear brighter and more worth a closer look.

So I read, all the time, happily and in every sense of the word. But… it can be overwhelming and tough to get sorted. Sometimes my brain is full of stuff I think is interesting, but I haven’t got it “pinned down,” so to speak. Or I feel like I could use some help when I do get it– have I got the right idea? Might someone else benefit from it? I love it when I read or hear an opinion from someone that changes or enriches how I look at the world. Perhaps I can do that, too. Besides, writing often helps me in the “pinning down:” when I imagine publishing something for others to read, it helps me to clear out the fog and get to the bottom of what I’m thinking. I find that’s nearly always worth it for me, whether somebody actually reads my stuff or not.

How often will I write? I don’t know. All I know is that I used to do this more often, way back when I was using the myspace blogging feature (and myspace in general– it seems ages ago now), and at the end of the day, it always felt worth it. It’s time to re-open the channel.



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