Passion, drive, perseverance, love, and craft all deeply interest me. These are the things that truly separate us from the animals, as ridiculous as we are, and they’re great.
I am a lifelong reader, strength athlete, and lover of the arts. I enjoy the depth and impact a great connection can have: between people and the world around them, past and present, through art, personal connection, and direct interaction. Reading great books, long and deep conversations over booze, lifting historic and heavy stones, tasting food made with simple passion: all of these are just some of the things that make a day good for me.
I am a reading teacher at a Tulsa High School. I was raised in New Jersey, but came here because I knew I wanted to teach, and grew tired of “paying my dues” as a substitute. I applied to Teach For America, and told them to send me anywhere, so long as I got to teach and (hopefully) make a difference for somebody who needs a difference-maker.
Life is good.


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